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What is a Successful Referral?

For the purpose of the referral program, a successful referral occurs and a reward is redeemable when a referred client purchases any of our services, payments are all made and the service(s) is completed , as well the following:

  1. The referrer is a new customer of NativityConcepts and is not currently listed on customer database.
  2. The referrer’s must have informed our company of the referee’s communication and business. The active preposition or business proposal must become business before the reward becomes redeemable.
  3. The referrer must have personal knowledge of the individual they are referring.
  4. The referrer is not deemed to be acting as an agent or broker on behalf of the referee’s.
  5. The referral reward will be redeemable per referred customer and not the continued orders placed by the referee.
  6. To be eligible, the referral must be older than 18
  7. Employees of the Company or any of its or their subsidiaries, affiliates or promotional agencies, including immediate family and household members, are not eligible.

Tracking Your Referral.
You will be able to track the success and status of your referrals.  You will receive an email from NativityConcepts notifying you on the success of any of your referrals.

Earning Your Referral Reward
For each successful referral, you will receive the applicable referral reward promoted at the time of capturing the referral.  The applicable reward will also be reflected against the referral status.

  • Referrer who refereed more than 10-20 businesses to our company are Level 1 
  • Referrer who refereed more than 30-50 businesses to our company are Level 2
  • Referrer who refereed more than 60-100 businesses to our company are Level 3

Earnings Calculations

  • Level 1 – 8 % of all business refereed
  • Level 2 – 12 % of all business refereed
  • Level 3 – 18 % of all business refereed

What is a Successful Agent?

For the purpose of the Agent program, a successful agent is a marketing or business marketing representative of the company that is registered with the company and met all the requirement of a accredited agent to represent our company on disclosed business proposals.

In order for anyone to be an accredited agent, representing NativityConcepts, the following must be complied with:

  1. The Agent has submitted and application and confirmation of application process confirmed.
  2. Received an Confirmation of successful application Letter
  3. Completed the necessary testing or screening
  4. Received a representation Authorization Letter
  5. The Agent has a renewed Authorization Letter showing current trading year.

Tracking Your Agent Authorization.
The agent or general public would be free to verify the name of agent and designated authorization on our site. Verify Agent Here

For each successful deal, an agent is due for a 20 – 25% commission depending on the type and nature of businesses. Agent that secures a monthly retainer project or subscription is entitled to a monthly 10% commission after every successful payment or debit.

Termination of Authorization

  • In the event of a fraudulent representation the authorization is automatically terminated.
  • In the event of theft the authorization is automatically suspended and finally terminated if found guilty.
  • In the event of non-disclosure or criminal baiting the authorization is automatically terminated.

Additional Terms and Conditions
NativityConcepts reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Referral and Agent Program at any time for any reason.

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