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By David Aladegbaiye Patricks 7 years ago
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Timeless Branding school of thoughts takes us back to Medevial times when there was no super fast design softwares , chrome crafters , 3D or extrude tools. Its was a time when true creativity was exceptional and not compromised, when the brass master and stencil kings reigned. One fact that is timeless is that Creativity beats the bends and is the only reliable thing that is marketable in today’s market, with thousands of imitations crawling to the shelves and new brands unraveling every day. At my last seminar for young business men and women from all walks of life , i was discussing the power of uniqueness and the benefits of the neo-association syndrome from my topic the Creative Concepts Ideology. Thinking back to my early days in the Marketing and designing business i really learnt a lot from being unique and relevant in a time when tutorial and elements were the easy way out. I choose a different approach , the front end designer and mastered the art of learning how to fashion uniqueness out of the ordinary. If any business men or women needs an answer to the question what is the receipe for sucess in any industry ? – loading

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