Branding is not an option for businesses

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I have worked with over 86 companies and haven’t seen one fail except the ones who started their business to trade in tender. New businesses aspire to grow one day and compete with big corporations, a dream that most would never achieve.

A client of mine once asked me why he has to review a logo I designed for him, he saw no flaw in it and believed it is a timeless piece. I asked him ” why do big corporations who are making huge profits than you are at this stage change theirs”? He looked at me and said ” I have no idea”.

I believe there are some basic knowledge that has to be shared with any one who has a brand developed, planning to get one processed or re-branded.

Companies need to communicate

Just like a billboard or a simple TV advert ends with the logo of the company, so also is every organization trying to distinct itself and message from every other entity. Colors, Icons or just a simple cluster of elements can send a message.

This is why getting the right brand to go with the right company has been one of the most challenging but yet thrilling profession ever. I have sat down with numerous business owners who want the most beautiful logo that has the least message. We spend hours convincing clients of the benefits of choosing the best but yet constructive logo than just having a beautiful one.

Some clients eventually appreciate our effort and comments, when they come to terms with facts of our professional opinions about their brands. The message is always simple for anyone that needs a logo :

  • what do you sell or offer
  • who needs your service

Companies need to reaffirm their position

After years of service, new companies would come into the trading space and compete if not dominate the space. So re-affirming your position or stance as a competing company is one of the reasons why re-branding is a very good choice for a old company.

Companies need to evolve

Doing business with a company that is obsolete or that has not evolved with time is like going back in time. I remember a little food joint by Esselen in 2006 that had no competition on the same street. Today the shop is abandoned and 10 other competitors that have appealing look and prospects have replaced it. So, in order to ensure a company survives, the brand is one of the major component not to be ignored.

Companies need to extend their reach

Clientele base needs to improve, and sometimes the easiest way to reach more clients is to improve your brand or update it. Competing in a huge world requires a brand that is versatile and companies only realize the importance of a brand with a message when it’s time to expand. Some of the worlds prominent brands have changed their logos as often as they extend:

Your Brand should be one of the important elements of your business and should have a fair amount of investment to ensure the company keeps its message through the years to both old and new clients.

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