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As a student studying for a BA in Brands Management , we were taught how to be creative and come up with unique and out of the box concepts, however during my years as a brands management and IT Marketing consultant, i have hardly seen a truly unique concept that really hits its target and create an awesome customer experience. I have watched thousands of adverts and ready amazingly fascinating billboards, not to mention companies who just like to give freebies with no real sound marketing.


So a few of my colleagues have made it a life time commitment to always send me stuffs they think is amazing, some i delete, others i just laugh and whisk to the next but a colleague from , decided to send me some videos I found to be well conceptualised marketing that was awesome.



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[accordion_pane heading=”The first was an Automated Thanking Machine” default=”true” background_color=”transparent” color=”inherit”]

I was a bit skeptical at first but considering that the ATM abbreviation for Automated teller machine was still worked into the marketing concept was somewhat creative and I just wanted to see more and then i pressed play >
[iframe width=”100%” height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/bUkN7g_bEAI” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]
Now that is what i can brilliant , the tears of joy, the sense of recognition and the sheer excitement from the customers has all the element of a true customer experience marketing and well thought from the general marketing aberration.


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[accordion_pane heading=”The second was a Surreal Marketing ” default=”true” background_color=”transparent” color=”inherit”]

So i opened the second mail and i got a bigger chill at the back of my head , as amazing live interactive marketing takes the full space and accelerates the future of marketing. So if when i was thought surreal marketing tactics i had listened properly, i would have challenged these guys to a dame of creativity but as for now, i admire their creativity, here is the clip :
Awesome right, you could really assess the gravity of the awareness and if analytics were a thing of the past , even a novice could easily spot how many people were attracted to the live spectrum.



After watching these videos , i feel enlightened and pumped up for the new possibilities and endless marketing inventions that are spooling up, So I have just be grilled and ready to take on the big marketing change challenge.


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